Grants, Funding & Sponsorships

Vertex is committed to supporting global healthcare improvement for patients through the medical and scientific understanding of our areas in which we focus our research for healthcare professionals. Additionally, we are committed to supporting educational programs and initiatives spearheaded by organisations focused on patient advocacy, community education, and other scientific efforts related to areas in which we focus our research.

The following are the types of requests that will be considered:


  •  Independent Medical Education Programs (Accredited and non-Accredited) 
  •  Educational Projects and Initiatives
  •  Patient Education and Advocacy

Sponsorships, Exhibits, and Corporate Memberships


Circle of Care

Circle of Care is a competitive grant opportunity that funds innovative programs for the CF community. Initiatives considered must focus on one or more of the following categories:

  • Programs that support people with CF living a fuller, more engaged lifestyle

  • Programs that address the psycho-social challenges patients and caregivers face with CF

  • Programs that improve the overall support of the family members of patients with CF

  • Programs or tools that support patients with CF taking more ownership of their healthcare

  • Programs focused on the education of patients with CF, including topics on transition and the importance of following healthcare provider’s recommendations regarding care, and navigating new environments with CF

The submission period for the 2020 application cycle is now closed. The submission period for the 2021 application cycle will open in late 2020. Please email with any questions and click below to learn more. 

Cystic Fibrosis Research Innovation Award (CF RIA)

The Vertex CF Research Innovation Awards are highly competitive grants created to inspire and support the next generation of Doctors who are working to advance the understanding of CF and establish their careers as CF researchers. The awards fall into two categories: Independent and Mentored. 

  • Independent Research Innovation Awards provide grants of approximately £600,000 globally, spread over three years to support newly independent faculty members as they establish their own research programs in CF. Up to two awards will be given annually in this category.

  • Mentored Research Innovation Awards provide grants of up to approximately £100,000 globally, spread over two years to support mentored projects with established CF researchers. Up to four awards in this category will be given annually.

Together these programs will provide up to approximately £8 million globally, over the next five years. Applications are reviewed and selected by an independent steering committee.

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Vertex Innovation Awards (VIA)

VIA supports innovative and collaborative clinical research that may improve the care of patients with CF. Applications for clinical research projects are welcomed from across the entire field of CF and are to be led by an individual or individuals with an established career interest in CF. Applicants are reviewed and selected by the independent VIA Committee of external experts who will select up to four projects to support with grants up to a total of approximately £700,000 globally.

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In addition to supporting the cystic fibrosis community, Vertex also supports local charities that drive STEAM-related initiatives for students from all backgrounds ENTHUSE Charitable Trust and STEM Learning received a Vertex donation in support of their Partnerships program. This initiative enables local schools to work together, with STEM Learning, on a two-year intensive program to improve the quality of STEM teaching around the UK.