Our Commitment to Research

A Pathway to the Future

At Vertex, we are a science-led organisation. Three out of five Vertex employees are dedicated to research and development and we invest more of our operating expenses in R&D than pharmaceutical industry averages. We understand the science to help people with serious diseases.

Our scientists have spent the last 20 years doing what was once thought impossible – developing the first medicines that treat the underlying cause of cystic fibrosis.

Vertex by the Numbers
4 licensed CF medicines for eligible patients in the UK
72% of our 2018 operating expenses were dedicated to R&D*
$11.8 billion total invested in R&D since 2000
1 research and development site located in Oxford, UK established in 1998


*Operating expenses are defined as R&D + Sales General & Administrative. All figures are calculated using GAAP.

1Vertex. Data on File. 2018.